The Beginning...


If you didn’t used to read my old blog let me start by introducing myself. My name is Scarlett Curtis, I’m 18 years old and I live in London. I used to write a blog called Teen Granny which was named so because I am in fact the female Benjamin Button and at the age of 16 I looked like a very small 72 year old. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

The real reason it was called Teen Granny was because it was a blog written by a teenager full of knitting, baking, cross stitch and other activities more commonly associated with pensioners. I loved writing Teen Granny and a lot of wonderful things were born from it like the awesome twit-knit club and a cake shaped like a pair of boobs. But I thought it was time for a fresh start.

I stopped writing Teen Granny a year ago around the same time that I stopped. doing. anything. From the age of 14-17 I was very sick with chronic pain all down my spine. It was horrible and awful and all those things and when the pain finally did get better I thought I would be on top of the world. But years of living in my bedroom and doing everything I could to mask the agony I was in had paid their price and around a year ago my brain decided it was sick of being brave and pretty much just gave up.

So I’ve had a bad year, actually a bad four years, with lots of crying and hiding and talking to my dog. But finally things are starting to get better and I thought it was definitely time to start back up my little piece of the internet again.

Teen Granny was all about a teenager doing and talking about things you don’t normally associate with teenagers and while I definitely want to keep writing about my crafts and cooking and general ‘staying in on a Friday night’-ness, I also want to talk about some other slightly more serious things that a lot of teenagers still don’t feel comfortable sharing in public.

Anxiety, depression and general not wanting to leave the house-ness are a huge part of so many people’s lives but unlike make-up and baking they’re something people more often than not feel ashamed of. And I’m really bored of feeling ashamed! If I’m going to be sharing a new recipe or a hat I just made for my cat I also want to be sharing what it feels like to have a panic attack or feel so sad you just don’t want to get out of bed.

So that’s what this blog is for! Baking and depression, crafts and anxiety. Sounds fun right?

Speak soon!

Scarlett x