How to Make Friends...

eugenia-loli_620x349 I've been reading The Debrief for about 4 months now ever since I realised Emma Gannon (one of my favourite of all the tweeters) worked there and that it was also one of the best of all the websites.

When they asked me to write for them I was incredibly happy and also incredibly scared when I realised they were asking me to write about my experiences making friends at university. Making friends isn't something I find immensely easy (unless those friends are cats, I'm super good at feline bonding) and it felt like an intimidating subject to write about.

However despite my fears I wrote the article and you can read it here. I talk about trying to make friends, Lost, and calling my mum crying so all in all it's a pretty fun read. But more importantly it's an incredible website with inspiring and awesome pieces written by inspiring and awesome women. So check out the website even if you don't check out my piece. They once put me on a list of their most inspirational tweeters which was one of the best bits of my year even if entirely untrue (unless you're inspired by crazy tweets about Lost, in which case yes, yes I am very inspiring).

Hope you're having a good Monday (if such a thing exists).