Halloween In New York

Halloween-11 As it's Thanksgiving in America I thought it was the perfect time to share some pictures from the last holiday-I-don't-quite-understand; Halloween. Sometimes I feel so loyal to Christmas that I forget to love any other holiday. But the New York Halloween Parade on 6th Avenue was one of my favourite thing I've seen here so far. Something about hundreds and hundreds of people all gathered in the same place to do something solely founded in joy and excitement and celebration of life and death and madness made me so happy. I loved just being there alone, standing in the crowd and watching the costumes and the floats and drunk, slightly creepy wizards walk by.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures and that you're having a good Thanksgiving wherever you are and whether or not you understand what it's actually all about. My favourite thing in the parade was the float with Maya Angelou's face on it but you can barely see it in the photo. I also liked the women dressed in white who were pouring glitter on everyone in the crowd. I think once I leave college this might be my future career...

Halloween-1 Halloween-2 Halloween-3 Halloween-4 Halloween-5 Halloween-6 Halloween-7 Halloween-8 Halloween-9Halloween-10Halloween-12 Halloween-14 Halloween-15 Halloween-16 Halloween-17 Halloween-18 Halloween-19 Halloween-20